Gear Setup

509 Snow

Under Layers

Outer Layers

I run 509 gear head to toe. With many options to keep you warm and dry in the backcountry, the Stoke outerwear line is my favorite as its made of a flexable waterproof fabric that doesnt restrict you and keeps you dry. The Altitube 2.0 carbon fiber helmet paired with Sinister X7 gogles is my favorite helmet/goggle combo as its lightweight, comfortable and fits good.

Sledder Box

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Sledder Box includes tools, performance & safety equipment, supplements, all the things that every snowmobiler should have in their arsenal. $150+ worth of goodies in each box!


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Avy & Emergency Gear

-BCA D-2 EXT Dozer Shovel. I like This shovel as it has a saw in the handle I use as a backup, heavy duty and can be used as a hoe or shovel

-BCA E2 Turbo 25 Airbag. This pack has an electric airbag system so you dont have to deal with canisters and get multiple pulls per charge. Fits my camera and emergency gear nicely with room for spare gloves and goggles.

-BCA Tracker 3 Beacon. Simple and works good.

-BCA Stealth Probe. I like the locking system.

- Milwaukee Headlamp. I always carry a headlamp. Never know what can happen in the backcountry. Also when night riding its nice to have a helmet light so you can still see when snow gets on your headlighs or wheeling

-Corona Handsaw. We all get hung up on trees, a sharp saw can make it less frustrating to bust free.

-Spot X. Anything can happen so having a way to reach out and let family know if its going to be a long night or get help if there is an emergency is essential. Also sends GPS cordance in every message so they know where you are.

-First Aid Kit. I add a lot more to a basic kit to make a well packed kit. A few things I add to a standard kit is a emergency blanket, athletic tape, tourniquet, knife, heavy duty pain killers, suture kit, and electrical tape.

-Tool Kit. I cary a jam packed tool kit to fix anything that could happen.

-Parts/Rope Bag. In the green bag I have mule tape, strap, tiewire, zip ties, nuts & bolts, and para cord. These are all very useful things to rope/tie a sled back together after breaking an a-arm or etc.