Sled Setup


By choice I run the Polaris Matryx Khaos Slash. This sled is a great choice for technical backcountry riding. I'm able to ride this sled very aggressively in the steep trees and it reacts to rider input exactly how I want it too. Its ability to hold a line while feeling playful and light make this sled so fun to ride.Β 

My favorite all around track length is a 155, playful feeling but not limiting on the deep days. A 146 is rowdy, playful and great in the air but can be limiting on deep days. On snow that is not too deep or bottomless a 146 is such a fun option!Β 

GGB Exhaust

The GGB Quiet Can is my go to for aftermarket exhaust, it has a little deeper sound at idle and close to stock sound from mid to full throttle with 6.15 lbs weight savings. They have mountain, trail and quiet can options for all sled manufacturers.

Cheetah Factory Racing

CFR provides comfortable, quality, and durable handlebar solutions being one of the first mods that I do to every sled. This is my setup.Β 

Riser height may vary but for reference Im 6’2” and run 2.5” knuck risers & 2” rise bars on a Polaris Matryx. (or 3.5" NEW FTP riser) 3” risers with 2” rise bars on a Arctic Cat Ascender chassis

Avid Products

Avid Extrovert drivers are a must, Track ratcheting not only is frustrating but can ruin a track quickly. I'm a huge fan of extrovert drivers so I don't have to run my track super tight causing more resistance/wear and not having to worry about ratchetting.

Backwoods BMP

Backwoods is pushing inovation on snowmobile products to help protect and beef up your sled. Great company with some great products that stand behind them with a 50% off replacement plan if you smash them up!

Deviant Ink


These are my go to wraps! With durability and style being top priority, protecting your sled with a customizable wrap from Deviant is a good choice. They have an online editor to do your own customization or work with a graphic designer on their team to come up with a one of a kind.Β 

Code: SAXTON to get 10% off your order.

IceAge Preformance