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BWC Powersports - Polaris Gripper Infinity Ski Rubber

BWC Powersports - Polaris Gripper Infinity Ski Rubber

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Available in 2 separate density.

-Medium being 20% stiffer than Factory

-Firm at 35% for the Aggressive rider.


Manufacturer - BWC PowerSports 

Replaces OEM Part # 5415230, 5412794

Sold as a Pair / Set


It's no secret that the OEM Gripper Ski Rubbers can't withstand a season of abuse much less a hard weekend of riding!

With Our Design and Rubber Compound our Ski Rubbers are more Durable & Forgiving. Yet still having the ability to flex, to the point where the OEM ski Rubber & other aftermarket rubbers fail, or many cause damage to your ski or bend ski bolts.   

  • Fills entire area of the Gripper Ski Cradle 
  • Correct approach angle For all Polaris Spindles & other aftermarket Spindles
  • Less stress on Ski / Ski Bushings & Bolts
  • Maximum Flexibility 
  • Enhanced Durability & Performance especially when side hilling in Aggressive Terrain

Sold as a Pair / Set

2007-Present Polaris snowmobiles with RMK platforms (Matryx RMK, Khaos RMK, AXYS RMK, Pro-Ride RMK, Dragon RMK) 

Made for the Polaris Gripper Ski #1823660-070

(does NOT fit Pro-Steer skis) 

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