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Ride Fast Fitness - In Season Training Program

Ride Fast Fitness - In Season Training Program

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Backcountry snowmobiling is undoubtedly, a VERY physically demanding sport! Taking my fitness seriously has been the biggest thing that has helped me get through some major crashes fairly unscathed and allowed me to progress to the next level with my riding.

I put this program together to share some knowledge and help you stay injury free and progress your riding more than ever this season!

You will be going threw a variety of different strength exercises and cardio training to help you maintain strength and stamina but this program is mainly based around mobility exercise movements to keep you mobile and flexible this riding season.

My Intention with this Winter Sustainability program is to take the guess work out of what you need to be doing to maintain strength and mobility through out the riding season. Over the next 4 weeks we will go through a cardio/mobility day, 3 strength/mobility exercise days, a cardio/flexibility day, and 2 ride days with pre and post mobility/flexibility routines.

This program requires basic gym equipment and effort. Gym equipment needed is dumbbells, kettlebells, med ball, bosu ball, barbell, bench, cable machine, leg press, band and bike.

Each day is laid out for you and exercises are linked to demonstration videos

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