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SAXTON Custom Suspension Valving & Spring Package - POLARIS

SAXTON Custom Suspension Valving & Spring Package - POLARIS

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Kyle Saxton has teamed up with Suspension Proz to completely transform your stock Polaris shocks into something worth running! Suspension is a key and often overlooked component to maximizing control and handling of your sled.

Our Polaris valving package provides a more predictable and controlled shock stroke and ride. You’ll find yourself bottoming out less, becoming more comfortable on your machine, and have a much more playful riding experience.

We did extensive testing of this package to get it to what it is today. The result is a much more cost effective option to aftermarket suspension with custom valving and springs to give you the best ride possible out of a stock shock tailored to YOU.

This package includes a rebuild, custom valving and springs on all 4 of your shocks.


  1. Fill out and order the Custom Suspension Valving & Spring Package 
  2. Package and ship your shocks with your name and order number to us (ADDRESS BELOW)
  3. We will work our magic on your shocks and ship them back to you!

Turnaround time varies, expect 1-2 weeks on average 


You are responsible for shipping to Suspension Proz. Return shipping is on us. 


Suspension Proz  

W12568 695th Avenue

Prescott, WI 54021

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