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Avid - Polaris Antiratchet Drivers, MSeries

Avid - Polaris Antiratchet Drivers, MSeries

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These drivers have antiratchet points as well as involute Points. We call these our Mseries drivers as the antiratchet points run in the clipped track windows and the involute bumps drive off of the four rows of rubber track bumps found in between the track windows. These are sold individually, you will need to two per snowmobile. These require your suspension rails to be trimmed and an antistab kit installed. If you have a Polaris and your driveshaft is prior to the Aluminum Hex or Steel Splined shaft please refer to our Hex Shaft Drivers. 2022 Polaris Series 8 (3.5 pitch, 2.75 paddle) do not have 4 rows of bumps in between the rails. This style driver will NOT work with the 2022 Series 8 Track. Please refer to our T3 style antiratchet drivers for 2022 Series 8 track.

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